What We

Brand Marketing

Brand Media Management

Brand Public Relations

With our deep expertise in PR, we will deliberately manage the spread of information between your company and your relevant publics, both internal and external.

We are very intentional about the way we go about informing your public, prospective customers, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders and how we ultimately persuade them to maintain a positive or favourable view about your organization, your products and every other information you want the public to be aware of.

Brand Content Development

At WERTVOLL, we add spices to already made contents by aligning the contents with our clients’ targets, objectives and strategies.

We use our creative perception to improve and promote existing brand’s content, thereby improving our clients’ content followership and ultimately, the bottom-line.

Digital Experience

Brand Digital Marketing

Bespoke Brand Web Designs & Management

Given our strong ties and relationships with some big guns in the web consulting marketplace, we can therefore easily help you achieve a vision around your entire brand web presence.

Brand Social Media Platforms Designs & Management

At Wertvoll Integrated Company, we understand deeply how the social space works, and we are in business to help your social media presence yield positive result

Bespoke Brand Digital Designs & Stationery

At Wertvoll Integrated Company, we offer professionally designed business and brand stationery designs that leave a lasting impression.

Our brand stationery designs at Wertvoll Integrated Company will provide your marketing campaigns with beautiful, clearly designed materials that your audience will want to read, and will ensures they remember your name.

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Brand Management

Brand Registrations with The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria

Our team of professionals can help you through the process of registering your business name, limited liability company, or NGO with the Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Before securing a web domain name or designing your logo, you need to check if the name is available with the Corporate Affairs Commission, or not.

We have built a network of tested and trusted accredited professionals; lawyers, chartered accountants and chartered secretaries to help you through all that.

Brand Corporate Compliance Strategy

At Wertvoll Integrated Company, we offer all range of tax and accounting services.

This includes national, state and local taxes; be it Value Added Tax (VAT), Withholding, Personal or Company Income Taxes.

We have extensive experience in book-keeping, tax preparation and financial management.

Whether your brand is new or well-established, your business is safe in our hands.